1. Estate Planning and Tax-Related Issues

    Estate planning and administration requires a solid understanding of estate, gift, income, and property tax laws. While most tax-related issues require the knowledge and expertise of a Certified Public Accountant, it is important that your estate planning attorney is aware … Continued

  2. Trust Administration

    When a loved one passes away or is determined to be incapacitated with a living trust, there is a settlement process which needs to be completed by the individual who is nominated to be the successor trustee. Successor trustees must … Continued

  3. Probate Administration

    Probate is the court supervised process of settling a deceased individual’s legal and financial affairs. In California, probate is required when an individual dies with assets having a value of more than $184,500 titled in their name alone. In broad … Continued

  4. Conservatorships

    Although there are several different types of conservatorships in California, all involve a court proceeding where the court appoints an individual to care for another person who cannot effectively manage their own personal or financial affairs. The court process of … Continued

  5. Guardianships

    A guardianship is a legal proceeding where the court appoints an individual to manage the custody (person), property (estate), or both of a minor (i.e., an individual under 18 years old). In a guardianship of the person, the guardian has … Continued

  6. Special Needs Trust

    A special needs trust is a type of trust that is typically established for a person with special needs who receives benefits from government programs. A properly drafted special needs trust can promote the beneficiary’s independence and well-being. A special … Continued

  7. Elder Law

    Elder law is an area of legal practice that specializes in the rights and needs of the aging population. Elder law encompasses a range of age-related legal matters, including access to, and issues regarding, healthcare and government benefits, elder abuse/fraud, … Continued

  8. Trust Funding

    A trust cannot exist or operate without assets. For assets to be part of a trust, they must first be transferred to the trustee (i.e., funding the trust). The importance of having a fully funded revocable living trust cannot be … Continued

  9. Tax Planning

    Estate planning and administration requires a solid understanding of federal and state estate tax, gift tax, income tax, and property tax laws. At Ewin Lambourne Law, APC, we work closely with our clients to identify, design, and implement business and … Continued

  10. Business Planning and Administration

    At Ewin Lambourne Law, APC, we advise clients regarding the proper formation and ongoing management of business entities as well as long-term succession planning. Before establishing a business, careful consideration should be given to determine the most appropriate business entity … Continued